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Support those in need this Christmas with GIVIT, Handmade Canberra and LOMARRA 💫

Handmade Canberra had teamed up with GIVIT this Christmas to support those communities that were affected by the devastating bushfires of the summer past.

LOMARRA is proud to be one of the designers selected to participate in this amazing collaboration.



Its very easy! When you choose to purchase your GIVIT gift from LOMARRA, your purchase goes directly to GIVIT who then makes sure your gift is given to the most perfect recipient.

Just shop as you would normally do online (all products on this site can be purchased) and at the checkout use the PROMO code GIVIT2020. This code lets us know that your purchase is part of the GIVIT Christmas Gift Drive.

The GIVIT Foundation will then pair your gift up with someone from the bushfire affected areas who is need this Christmas.


Thank you for your generosity and for supporting those in need this Christmas.

Don't forget use the PROMO code GIVIT2020 at check out. The appeal runs from October 15th to December 7th.


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